I studied Marketing and PR in Spain but after a briefly period of training in the world of advertising and digital media, I decided that what I truly want was create content and leave a footprint on Internet.

In 2017 I stared my YouTube channel. Since the very beginning I wanted to talk about technology but in a very approachable way. I wanted to focus on what can we do with technology instead of the components of the product. I realize that if I wanted to focus on the human side of the technology, I had to tell my story first, so I started a vlog. I documented my days on YouTube, my experiences, and how the technology was an important part of my life. 

During the same year I started a podcast called «Café con Víctor» about the human side of technology and become one of the most listened podcast in Spanish. 



In 2018 I was invited to attend to one of the most exclusive tech events in the world: the Apple Event where the iPhone XS was announced. I was one of the 400 attendants at the event in Cupertino, CA.


The video about the release had a huge impact and was trending in Spain, Mexico and another Spanish speaking countries. 

Nowadays it accumulates 1,2 Million of views.

After that experience my YouTube Channel started to grow at a faster pace.

victor abarca the oscars 2019
Yep! It's an original Oscar...and it is much heavier that it looks!! (But it's not mine)

At the beginning of 2019 I was invited by Dolby Labs and The Academy Awards to attend to the Oscar’s red carpet and create a video about the sound technology for an international event like that.


Since then, I’ve considered by other companies like Microsoft, DJI and Samsung to attend to their events. And I also went to the Apple Event 2019 for a second year. That video had 2 Million views on YouTube.


But the most important goal for me remains the same since the very beginning: create a community of people united by the passion of technology.