iPhone YouTube channel Victor Abarca

Hi! I’m an Spanish content creator based in California.
I make videos about tech, lifestyle and the mixture between gadgets and how we can create betterthings with them.
I see technology as the most empowering tool for creating and expressing ourselves and that is what I try to broadcast to the world.
Since the very beginning of my channel I’ve been committed to creating quality reviews for my audience and developing a trusting relationship with them.
It has been already two years since I started this journey and I can proudly say that the numbers speakfor themselves.


I decided to start my YouTube channel at the beginning of 2017. Nowadays I have over 600.000 subscribers on YouTube. Lately I’ve been averaging 150.000 views per video, with some of them having up to two million views, and I also have a pretty fast growth rate.

I have never made any advertising for my channel or product give-aways, my channel has been growing up organically just because of the quality of the content and my commitment to my community.

Since the very beginning of my channel I’ve been committed to create quality videos and reviews for my community that creates a story about the product and its use. 

Tech is not about the product, tech is about how humans can be empowered to create through it.




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